All Write

All Write

by Nannette Nero Zuke, LMFT

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You already have a simple tool, at your finger tips (pun intended) that can help you feel better, have better relationships, organize your life and help you find greater meaning.  Yes, the process of writing. . .

Feel Better - “A Writer’s High”

The act of writing requires that you use your whole brain (I’ll try to keep the science simple here – I do love the science).  When you write, your brain uses the talents of both the left and right hemispheres.  Writing sends signals through your brain from side to side essentially stimulating and energizing your brain.  People who write creatively for pleasure or purpose experience a “flow” much like the “zone” experienced by avid runners.  So, get out your pen and paper (tablet or computer) and write about your fantasies, your daydreams, or your dream vacation.  Creative writing and “flow” brings a sense of well-being, increases relaxation and reduces anxiety.  Read more about experiencing the “flow” through writing. 


Have Better Relationships -

“There’s no one write way to relate; but there are better ways”

Even the best relationships have their challenges.  Face it, anytime you have two or more people together, for a length of time, disagreements are bound to happen.  No two people have experienced the same things in life and so no two people see things in exactly the same way.  And if you’re like most people I know, disagreement can stir up some pretty uncomfortable emotions.  So. . . write about it.  Write about how you felt to be in the disagreement.  Write about all those negative thoughts you had about your partner and don’t forget to write about those negative thoughts you had about yourself too.  Get it all out.  When you’re done, walk away from it and take some time for fun or accomplish a task and get your mind off any lingering discomfort.  Later, go back to what you wrote and reflect on the intense feelings you had.  Consider how you would like to handle similar situations in the future.  Ask yourself how you might make the outcome even better and write about that.  You may never show the other person what you wrote (that may or may not be helpful).  But think of the gift you gave yourself; the opportunity to learn and create change within.  


Organize Your Life

Need some help organizing all the details of your life?  Then write them down.  Too much to keep in your memory?  Keep lists of things you want to accomplish.  Write down those goals with reasonable “due by” dates.  Complete a task then check it off your list and see how it feels.  I know people who add lots of everyday tasks to their lists in part to help them stay organized and in part because at the end of the day when they see the checked off tasks they feel a great sense of accomplishment.  And don’t forget to keep a calendar.  Write down those must keep appointments, due dates for “must complete tasks”, and loved ones birthdays.  When you get a smile from a friend because you remembered her birthday . . . see how that feels.


A better feeling about yourself, better relationships and an organized life all because you wrote it down.



Tools for writing

Tools For Writing


Like things simple?  Then a good pen and any notebook will do.  Step it up with a bound book for journaling.  


Maybe you'd rather type your thoughts?  Grab your computer or tablet.  Key your thoughts into a MS Word or Pages document and file them away on your computer or the cloud.  


Jotting just a few notes?  Try a stack of file cards or sticky notes.  


Want an App for that?  Most smart phones, tablets and computers have notes and task applications included.  Look around at available Apps for download. Evernote has a system for keeping your notes organized.  And if it's a Journaling App you want, check out the Evernote Journaling iPad App.

Nannette is a mother, wife, daughter, friend, psychotherapist and now a blog writer.    She is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and works with individuals, couples and families in her private psychotherapy practice located in Kennebunk, Maine. This blog article is her first attempt at blog writing.  Writing this article about writing was as much about inspiring herself to write blogs as it was about sharing self-help strategies with her readers.  Nannette appreciates your thoughts and comments and hopes you’ll look for additional Healthy&Whole blogs on her website


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Comments: 7
  • #1

    Lisa (Thursday, 17 January 2013 05:47)

    I agree. Writing allows us to self reflect and slow our brains down a bit. Through self reflection we look at old patterns and behaviors, re- evaluating and moving forward.

  • #2

    Melinda (Saturday, 19 January 2013 09:58)

    Well said Nannette! Allowing yourself the opportunity to express both creative and contemplative thoughts can be a powerful expression of inner feelings, hopes, dreams and intentions and provides a space for thought to become possibility.

  • #3

    Nannette Nero Zuke (Monday, 21 January 2013 15:50)

    Lisa & Melinda ~ thanks for sharing your thoughts about writing. Glad you too find writing a powerful reflective tool for moving forward to life's many possibilities.

    Linda & Penny ~ thank you for reading and "following" my blog on NetworkedBlogs. Hope you'll visit again.

  • #4

    Leslie Tsomides (Thursday, 24 January 2013 16:59)

    Very nicely done! I agree and love the idea of just sticky notes! So easy! I have often written, and then put it away. Would love to make myself sit down and write a book, just so many thoughts!! Would love to be able to share them!

  • #5

    Nannette Nero Zuke (Thursday, 24 January 2013 18:30)

    Thanks Leslie. Why not write a book? Bet if you pulled out all those writings you've stashed away you'd have somethings there to start with. Maybe you could look into ebooks or publishing a book on your own. More and more people are. Maybe you could blog? Check out WordPress. In the meantime, keep writing down those ideas of yours and enjoy the personal benefits. If you like this blog article check back in. You can follow it on NetworkedBlogs or see my Join My Email List box on the right column of my website pages and I'll email you when I post new blogs.

  • #6

    nj physical therapists (Saturday, 23 February 2013 03:19)

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  • #7

    Caroline (Friday, 08 March 2013 16:27)

    Great job on your blog!!! Proud of you!

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