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We all want to be happy.  And many of us are happy much of the time because ordinary life events pass through us without leaving a mark.  And then. . . something happens and we're stuck.  Sometimes it's from events that dramatically affect us (such as an accident or natural disaster) shocking us and making us question ourselves and our world.  Other times we're stuck from events (known or forgotten) that affect our self-confidence and challenge our beliefs about our own abilities.  These events narrow and limit our view of ourselves, our world and keep us from living to our full potential.  


Your problems affect who you are today and you want things to change.  I help you meet your needs now.  Your past will likely come up (this is therapy after all) but I don't believe it takes years of analysis to help you be happier, healthier and more hopeful.  Instead, I will help you learn to reduce what keeps you stuck so that you can move forward living your life in a more fulfilling and meaningful way. 


I can help you with  

  • Infertility and Post-Partum Adjustment
  • Life Balance & Stress Reduction
  • Family Relationships
  • Parenting Solutions
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Relationships
  • Grief & Loss
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • ADHD
  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • & More 
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"There are no mistakes, no coincidences.  All events are blessings given to us to learn from" ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


I help individual adults work through a number of behavioral health disorders including anxiety, depression, trauma, life challenges and changes both personally and relationally.








Couple Embracing



"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on." ~ Henry Ellis


Currently, my work with couples is limited and can be a part of an individual's path to healing.







"Mother And Daughter Isolated On White" by David Castillo Dominici



"Promise me that you will always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think."

~ Christopher Robin


Currently, my work with families is limited and can be a part of an individuals path to healing.


Currently, I do not work with children. 



Offering the convenience of Telehealth & Office Sessions

(Office Sessions are limited at this time)


Behavioral Health services are in high demand at this time in my practice areas. Please be aware that I may have a full caseload. If you reach out to me and do not get a reply within 2 business days you can presume my caseload is full. Please look widely for services. And thank you for your interest in my work.

All the best ~ Nannette




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To Everything Turn. . . Toward. Happy New Year!

"To Everything Turn. . . Toward. Happy New Year!"

by Nannette Nero Zuke, LMFT

"Winter Sunny Day" by Nannette Nero Zuke


It’s New Year’s Day - a time to celebrate a turn toward the new year ahead.  This morning, in the deep freeze of the New England winter, I thankfully warm myself by my wood stove, with my cup of hot coffee in hand, I turn toward the beauty of the ice glistening in the trees outside my window and pause in the warmth I sense within.  The sun dazzling my eyes with the promise of longer warmer days to come beckons me to move toward the changes enfolding in my world.  This simple step (or maybe not so simple if you’re not in the habit) of pausing to notice those trees, their beauty, and the feeling of warmth I felt in that moment gave me the peace of mind to turn toward the changes to come.

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“In Wildness is the preservation of the world. . . or at the least my personal sanity!”

Nannette Nero Zuke, LMFT

"Sun And Sky" by samuiblue






Have you ever experienced the sanity and peace that comes from time spent in nature?  Have you noticed?  Give it a try.


For me, summertime is the time of year when I can’t help but notice the stress-relief found in the world outdoors.  From the bright blue sky, the aroma of the rose bush in bloom, the coolness of the shady green leaves in the trees, to the hummingbird’s dance of joy at my full feeder.  These things make me pause and smile at nature’s gifts that calm my mind.

"Rosebush" by xedos4


We live in a world with so many stressors.  Work, kids, finances, traffic, the obligations list is long.  Seems like we’ve been given summertime, with all it’s vibrance, to grab our attention and take pause.  


Try it.  


Take a few minutes in a beautiful outdoor space and just notice. . .

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Lies, Relationships and Therapy

Lies, Relationships and Therapy

by Nannette Nero Zuke, LMFT

"Man Question" by Danilo Rizzuti







What harm is a little “white lie”?  After all, if the truth be told she’d only get hurt.  And, if he knew he’d be angry. . . and I don’t want that.


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